Nova Technologies Corporation, formed in June of 2006, was a leading provider of turnkey products and services designed to increase the efficiency in water and wastewater transportation systems. With over 325 employees, Nova Technologies was a leading developer and supplier of technology-based products for the water, wastewater, and hydroelectric markets.

Nova Technologies operated three independent businesses: ADS Environmental Services, Hydra-Stop, and Accusonic Technologies. The Nova Technologies brands developed, manufactured, and integrated specialized instrumentation and proprietary software solutions enabling municipalities, industry, and government agencies to measure and analyze the capacity, quality, and integrity of water and wastewater systems infrastructure.

Nova Technologies Brands

ADS Environmental Services (ADS) designs, engineers, markets, and services a wide range of flow monitoring equipment, software, and integrated flow monitoring systems used to detect inefficiencies in wastewater collection systems and drinking water distribution systems. ADS' hardware equipment includes remotely-managed sensing devices that monitor the physical characteristics, velocity and pressure of water and wastewater that flows through the collection and distribution system infrastructure. ADS' software products include large-scale, multi-user systems that enable monitoring, data collection and analysis, and remote management of water and wastewater networks. ADS also provides a complementary offering of professional integration, field inspection and field services. ADS' solutions are sold directly to municipal agencies and municipal authorities or indirectly through engineering consulting firms.

Hydra-Stop manufactures a full line of pipe maintenance equipment used for inserting, changing, or repairing valves or hydrants, tying-in new lines or services, changing large meters or backflow preventers, abandoning wells and storage. Additionally, Hydra-Stop provides contract services for line stopping, line tapping, and valve insertion using its branded products. Hydra-Stop is unique in that it manufactures a completely modular set of pipe maintenance equipment designed to stop boil orders, system shutdown, costly 'pump around' fees, and revenue losses.

Accusonic Technologies is the market leader in high-accuracy ultrasonic transit-time flow measurement systems. Accusonic's meters are considered the world's most accurate for large pipe and open channel applications such as those used in hydroelectric and fossil fuel power plants. In addition, Accusonic flow meters are used in water and wastewater treatment facilities, sewage collection systems and other types of large water flow conveyance pipelines and channels around the world. Accusonic has installed over 2,500 systems on the pen stocks of some of the largest hydroelectric and water distribution projects, including the Hoover Dam and the Grand Coulee Dam. Accusonic also offers a full-range of services including installation, system integration, turbine performance testing services and field training