Nova Metrix LLC Acquires Schlumberger Water Services Technology Group

Woburn, MA March 13, 2015 – Nova Metrix LLC (“Nova Metrix”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Schlumberger Water Services Technology Group, which is comprised of Van Essen Instruments (Diver Brand), Westbay Instruments, and Waterloo Hydrogeologic, which were formerly part of the water monitoring division of Schlumberger Water Services ( With locations in Delft, Netherlands, Burnaby, Canada, and Kitchener, Canada, respectively, these three brands bring world-wide specialization in ground water data logging, characterization, and monitoring through instrumentation, software, and consulting services. “These three brands increase the scope of our technology and immediately expand our ground monitoring capabilities into new applications and markets,” commented James Barbookles, Chairman and CEO of Nova Metrix.