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Nova Measurements LLC Acquires Controls S.p.A

MILAN, Italy – Nova Measurements LLC (“Nova Measurements”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Controls S.p.A. (

For over 50 years, Controls S.p.A has been the global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of laboratory and on-site precision testing equipment for the construction and civil engineering industries.  In addition to its global leadership in concrete and soil mechanic testing, Controls, with its new IPC Global Advanced Pavements Division, has positioned itself with unmatched products and technologies further solidifying itself as the market leader in precision testing equipment for the construction and civil engineering industries.

“Controls is the perfect foundation to our new Nova Measurements platform focused on metering, monitoring, and measuring technologies” said Jim Barbookles, Chairman and CEO of Nova Measurements. We look forward to working with the Controls management team and continuing the company’s mission, vision, and values ensuring its continued growth and success by expanding its product portfolio and global footprint.”

“With Nova Measurements now at the helm, Controls wraps up the generational renewal”, says Pasquale Di Iorio, Shareholder, Chairman and CEO of Controls Group for the last 25 years. “Nova Measurements will create the best platform to further develop the international footprint of the Company, which has always been a core priority of Controls, together with developing the most advanced testing technologies for the civil engineering industry.”

Testing equipment meticulously designed to deliver the most reliable results for its customers, establishes Controls as the industry leader in civil engineering testing. Headquartered in Liscate, Italy, Controls serves clients with international offices in the USA, UK, France, Spain, Poland and Mexico. With over 100 distributors worldwide, and a dedicated team of product specialists, Controls boasts the largest and most capable technical sales and support team in the industry.