Nova Instruments Acquires Technology Design Limited

Woburn, MA September 12, 2014 – Nova Instruments LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Technology Design Ltd. ( , based in Winsford, England. Technology Design specializes in the design, development and manufacture of ultrasonic Phased Array, ToFD and Pulse Echo data acquisition systems and has gained a reputation for its outstanding customer service, meeting the requirements of clients from a variety of industries including Petro-Chemical, Power Generation, Aerospace and Education.

“Technology Design is a perfect match for Nova Instruments, complementing the range of non-destructive testing solutions supplied by our current subsidiaries Dantec Dynamics, NDT Systems and Phoenix Inspection Limited with a powerful range of state-of-the-art computerised Phased Array, ToFD and Pulse echo instruments.” said Jean-Marc Muller, President of Nova Instruments LLC. “We look forward to working with Technology Design staff to ensure the company’s continued success through its innovative “can do” customer support attitude”.

Mark Clark, General Manager added “We see this move as a great opportunity for Technology Design. We remain dedicated to serving our clients at all levels and we are excited to explore new synergies within the Nova group that will take our development and growth to new levels ensuring that we remain the operator’s choice of Advanced UT systems.”