For nearly 40 years, with headquarters located in Burnaby, BC, Westbay Instruments has been a world leader in providing reliable, versatile, subsurface characterization technology with multilevel groundwater instrumentation systems for three-dimensional and long-term groundwater monitoring of fluid pressure and temperature collection of fluid samples from multiple zones within a single borehole.

The versatility and reliability of data obtained with a Westbay system helps minimize data gaps, reduce uncertainty, and, ultimately, improve project outcomes.  Westbay offers customizable well completions to suit a wide range of geologic conditions, drilling methods, and project objectives.  With Westbay’s ability to provide flexible and defensible solutions for a wide range of applications in conventional oil and gas, mining, and contaminant sites, coupled with its ability to provide rapid-response technical advisory services to customers, Westbay is a global and market leader in the niche markets it serves.