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Sherborne Sensors Limited can be traced back to 1945 with the formation of Schaevitz Engineering; a US-based manufacturer of LVDTs and other precision sensors.  After nearly three decades of success, Schaevitz Engineering began manufacturing inertial products in the UK in 1974.  In 2007, Sherborne extended its product range beyond inertial sensors by obtaining the former Maywood Instruments force transducer product lines and intellectual property.  Today, Sherborne is a leading designer and manufacturer of precision accelerometers, inclinometers, and load cells.

Sherborne Sensors offers a wide range of standard and custom sensors to meet customer specific needs in the Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Medical, Civil Engineering, Geotechnical and Rail/Transportation markets.   Its inclinometers are designed to measure horizontal and vertical angular inclination with virtually infinite resolution providing reliable and accurate tilt inclination measurements for military and industrial applications.
Sherborne’s accelerometers measure linear acceleration and deceleration with the highest levels of accuracy and reliability in the demanding aerospace, aviation, military, and industrial applications.  And, further core competencies of Sherborne’s precision in manufacturing is its excellence and unique expertise in providing load cells to measure force in industry, research and development, manufacturing, test and measurement, and material test applications in all the major markets it serves.

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