Sensornet Limited was founded in 1998 and provides the world’s most advanced asset monitoring solutions using real-time distributed temperature, strain, and pressure sensing fiber optic systems.  As a leading UK based designer and manufacturer of fiber optic DTS with access to distributed strain and acoustic technologies, Sensornet’s technologies serve applications in the oil & gas, power, and environmental industries.  Sensornet is a global brand associated with a strong market position based on its voluminous library of proven applications and know-how related to reliable distributed leak detection and temperature monitoring for oil and gas pipelines, LNG leak detection, as well as offshore power and cable tunnels.

Sensornet’s uniquely patented technology is supported by highly qualified and experienced technical, operations and management teams, and provides turnkey solutions to many of the world’s leading blue-chip companies. Sensornet offers a complete suite of project solutions of design hardware, installation, project management and interpretation services, effectively making Sensornet a one-stop shop solution for asset monitoring requirements.