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Roctest and its subsidiaries design, manufacture, market, and distribute conventional geotechnical as well as high-precision measurement instruments for the civil engineering and geotechnical sector while the company’s fiber optic micro-pressure and temperature sensors have leading-edge technology in applications in the energy, medical and industrial sectors.

Roctest maintains and invests in its key brands including Smartec, and Telemac which are globally recognized as providing conventional and fiber optic deformation/strain measurement, displacement measurement, inclinometers/extensometers, load and pressure cells, in-situ measurements, fiber optic distributed temperature sensing and fiber optic micro pressure and temperature sensors with its leading-edge technology.
Roctest is committed to quality and utilizing technical expertise and advanced product development within the challenging, demanding, and ever-changing measurement environment.  Because of that commitment, Roctest offers unparalleled range of market solutions, utilizing traditional vibrating wire and state-of-the-art fiber optic technologies for new or maintaining existing traditional infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, dams, waterways, high-rise buildings, industrial transformers, or pipelines.

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