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With its history dating back to the 1950’s, Durham Geo Enterprises Inc. (“DGSI” or “Slope Indicator”) designs, manufactures, and distributes premium geotechnical instruments and sensors for a wide range of applications, as well as material testing equipment and remediation pumps for the environmental market.   With offices located in the US, Australia and Canada,  and a global network of experienced distributors, agents, and partners, DGSI is a leading brand in the geotechnical industry.

DGSI has a dominant brand presence in the civil engineering, construction, transportation, and energy markets.  DGSI’s wide portfolio of instruments and sensors are used to monitor tilt, displacement, pressure, and strain in various geotechnical applications.
DGSI also provides a wide portfolio of material testing products to test and measure soil, asphalt, concrete, and geo-synthetic properties.  With its environmental products, DGSI’s pumps provide for groundwater remediation and recovery of landfill leachates and gases.

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