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Controls is the market leader in the construction materials testing industry. Headquartered in Milan, Italy with several international subsidiaries, over 100 distributors worldwide and a dedicated team of highly experienced and knowledgeable specialists, offers the largest and most capable technical sales and support network in the industry.

Controls’ product range includes equipment for testing of construction and civil engineering materials such as aggregates, asphalt mixtures, asphalt binders, concrete, cement, soils, rocks and structural steel, maximizing the use of automation and connectivity to help users perform testing in the most accurate way, in full accordance to Standards.
Through its three global brands – Controls, IPC Global and Wykeham Farrance – Controls customers include sophisticated research and education laboratories at Government Ministries, OTs, leading educational institutions and Vocational Centres, as well as quality control and research facilities for private laboratories, contractors and construction materials producers.

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