We Invest in Leading Edge Instrumentation and Sensor Technology Companies

Maximizing our stakeholders’ value by executing focused acquisitions, implementing strategic integration, and applying best practices — we exceed our customers’ demanding needs.

What We Do

Since 2003, Nova Ventures leadership has successfully incorporated best practices into each instrumentation and sensor technology brand in its portfolio.

Based on our proven track record of helping brands grow and commitment to valuing and honoring their legacy, we are able to partner with leading brands in the instrumentation and sensor industries.

Two Platforms, Protecting Assets Valued in the Billions

Two platforms that serve mission-critical roles in test and measurement applications across large and growing markets, Nova’s portfolio businesses develop, manufacture, and deliver products used every day to monitor critical parameters in a variety of dynamic and growing end markets including: construction/infrastructure, water, environmental, aerospace, medical, energy, and research.  Each of these markets are large, growing, and essential for everyday life.

World leading provider of geotechnical, environmental, and materials testing instruments, sensors, software, and consumables serving the structural health, construction, civil engineering, energy, and medical markets. Nova Metrix is the global leader in geotechnical and structural asset monitoring instrumentation.

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Nova Instruments

Leading provider of non-destructive test and measurement instrumentation and solutions for analysis, calibration, control, measurement, and monitoring in various applications and end markets. Nova Instruments ranks among the largest independent NDT test and measurement instrument platforms globally.

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